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Located in Castlebar, Co. Mayo iWRAP studio will give your ride a fresh look by wrapping your car and tinting your windows.  We provide premium automotive customisation services, specialising in window tint and vinyl wrap applications as well as offering a host of designs. We use only the very best, premium materials available on the market.


Why tint Windows ?

UV Protection

Window tinting film blocks up to 99% of Ultraviolet Rays. This film protects your skin from harmful UV radiation while also protecting your car interior against fading, discoloration, cracking and peeling.


Tinting film gives additional protection in case the glass window shatters. The glass pieces adhere to the film when the window is smashed and does not injure drivers and passengers.


Tinted windows enhance your privacy when in your car and keeps your belongings hidden from others.

Heat Reduction

Tinting film can reduce the heat inside of your car by around 20%. That means less air-conditioning is used during long rides in sunny weather, resulting in better fuel economy. Tinted windows also reduce irritating sun glare that can make driving dangerous.

Why wrap your car ?


The selection of colours and shades is uncomparable to paint. There are lots of interesting vinyl finishes including: Matte, satin, metallic, pearly, structural carbon, brushed aluminium and chrome.


Vinyl can protect your new paint against minor scratches that occur from everyday use. In the long run this can improve the selling price of your car. ​


The cost of vehicle wrapping is much cheaper than painting a car and the process is reversible, meaning you can unwrap and sell your car with the original paint.

types of wrapping

- Full colour changes - Partial wraps - Individual designs - Interior wraps

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