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 Car wrapping

For precise car body wrapping, we use a verity of 0.05mm cast vinyl film. That gives us more accuracy and flexibility so the film can be shaped easily and effectively on a car without any joints to be seen. We are supplied with a top-quality film which is made by the best filmmakers on the market. Car wrapping is available for both private and commercial customers. We can wrap just one car or a whole fleet. 

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An Exterior Colour Change wrap is best suited for dark coloured or black cars. The reason for this is the reduced cover when compared to a full-colour change wrap. As suggested by the name, an exterior wrap only covers the panels of the car meaning that the original paintwork will still be visible when you open the doors of the car.

This option can also be well suited to cars that will be wrapped in a similar colour, for example, a white car with an exterior wrap in satin pearl white or grey car being wrapped matte dark grey.



Whether its a top half, bottom half or just a set of wing mirrors, you can pick any part of your vehicle to wrap.

Partial wraps can be great to improve the styling of your car without the expense of a full wrap.


So you have contacted us for a vehicle wrap, what’s next?

Upon arrival at our workshop, we will check-in the vehicle, look over your vehicle, with you present, and record any damage or defects already present on the vehicle.

Before any vehicle is wrapped with us, it goes through a meticulous cleaning process, no matter the age or condition. Firstly we carry our safe wash procedure removing any dirt and contamination from your vehicle’s paintwork. 

Once your vehicle is dry, we bring it into the workshop. Your vehicle will be further strip-down of any necessary external parts.

Throughout this process, we are looking out for any additional damage, defects or missing parts that may or may not be present that we were not able to identify at the check-in stage. If there are any areas of concern that we feel may affect the finish of your wrap, we will bring them to your attention at this stage. This methodical process enables us to provide the best finish and coverage possible.

Using a series of surface cleaners, each panel is then prepared for the application of vinyl.

Our highly trained team will then proceed to wrap your vehicle. 

Once the wrap is complete any exterior parts that have been removed are then refitted to the vehicle. It is then left overnight for the vinyl to properly adhere in our temperature-controlled workshop. 

Finally, your new wrap goes through our quality control stage.  After a final detail, you will be invited to collect your freshly wrapped vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Wrapping gives your car a completely new, amazing  look. It will also protect your paintwork from minor scratches and weather conditions.

We use top quality vinyl film from the best film-makers on the market, including: 3M, Avery, Oracal and Hexis. Those brands will ensure that your car will be outstanding. 

Rust, chippings and deep scratches have to be fixed before wrapping. Vinyl films will not hide imperfections and the film might not adhere as strong as it should on an uneven surface. 

Usually it takes about 5 working days but it obviously depends on the size of the car and how complex the car is.

Yes, it is completely reversible. You can go back  to your original paint at any time.

The materials and tools we use to remove the vinyl allow us to do it safely without any damage to the paint on your car.

According to suppliers the film lasts a minimum of 3 years (depends on the brand and type), but it can easily last 7 years.

Exactly the same as for an unwrapped car. A vinyl film can be damaged in the same way as paintwork. Try not to use an automatic car wash too often.  

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